Emberlit Strike-A-Light

Emberlit Strike-A-Light


What’s going on guys? This is black Scout survival, and today I have a gear review for you, and this is the ember lit striker and you may have seen a few weeks ago. We did a review of the amulet stove that’s, how a neum stove – and this is like a flint striker flint and steel striker, and they make a few cool designs, and this one is a rattlesnake you can see.

You know it looks like a traditional like shape of a you know: flint striker, but it’s, a rattlesnake of the head with the rattler tail there so really cool. They got a few other designs. You know different types of animals and stuff like that, but we’re, going to put the see use and I’ve been using it, you know and it works great.

But anyhow you just you know when you’re, going to do flint still, fine, we’ve done videos on this in the past, but you want to find, like you know, quartz, like flint shirt stuff, like that anything with a good Hardness and the easiest way is just to pick it up and see.

You know in my area there’s, a lot of quartzite so but basically just pick it up, and you know you’ll strike it and see if sparks come off like that right there and that’s. Just our sparse, you can see that so you can use.

You know, dry, fungus, material stuff, like that. The easiest thing is char cloth and again, if you don’t know how to do that. We have a video showing how to do that. Very detailed so definitely check that out. I’ll, put a link to that video, but there’s. My char cloth tin and you know char cloth is just basically cloth without oxygen. Now also, I need to go ahead and make up my tinder bundle, and this is just some cedar bark.

Then we’re gonna make it to a bird’s nest. You sell that fine dust coming out there. You want to keep that, but if you hadn’t seen that inlet stove video definitely check that out. Man that I really do like it.

It packs flat – and you know very easy – to carry great backpacking, stove and stuff like that, and it’s very efficient stove. I said now we’re, just gonna open it up just like a bird nest and all this fine stuff.

We’re gonna put right there in that center of that tinder bundle that’s, real dry, fiber stuff. It’s gonna light up very easily. So now she’ll. Take a piece of char cloth you can take. You know if you’re, just starting to do flint and steel fires, take a larger piece, and basically just what I like to do is fold it in half and then you’ll hold it where the sharp edge you’re going to strike is you’re just going to strike downward and whenever that catches a spark, it should catch a spark, and you can see that right there we’re, just gonna place that piece of char cloth and The tinder bundle [ Music ], so you’ve, seen the flex drill, Flint still in work and that emulous strike.

I really do like it, man, it looks cool and it’s very functional. I’m telling this thing spit sparks very, very well, but anyhow. Hopefully you guys enjoyed that check that out at their website, and also thanks to my buddy Tyler white for sending me that check out his channel for the link.

He did a video for a few weeks ago too. So, thanks again guys for watching. Please subscribe to our channel. If you hatton check make sure I you know, we put out a few new videos every week, so make sure you’re, subscribed or check out our website and our online store, and as always thanks for watching [, Music ]

Watch this video where I show how to make char cloth in some unusual ways:

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Bart Humes

Bart Humes, our editor, is a seasoned camping and survival enthusiast from Colorado. With expert knowledge in orienteering, fire-starting, and wilderness first aid, Bart’s passion and skills make him a master of the great outdoors.

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About the Author: Bart Humes

Bart Humes, our editor, is a seasoned camping and survival enthusiast from Colorado. With expert knowledge in orienteering, fire-starting, and wilderness first aid, Bart's passion and skills make him a master of the great outdoors.