Trolling for GIANT blue catfish from a kayak!!

Trolling for GIANT blue catfish from a kayak!!

Catching big catfish is awesome! Catching them, while trolling from a kayak, is a whole other experience!

That right, there is one beautiful sight: bait, doesn’t guarantee any fish, but it’s, a step in the right direction and I didn’t really have much of it. Yesterday I’m down on Texoma fishing for blue cats.

A 92 pounder was got three maybe four days ago and then a cold front rolled through and the fishin has sucked right. I couldn’t, hardly catch. Any bait only got to fish for two hours in a spot that I didn’t really want a fish, because the wind blew out my other spot.

I’m gonna go, try and hit it today, because the winds died down, hoping for the best it’s, my only full day to go fishing. I’m Spencer. This is River certified paddling towards this ledge. Right now, 60 feet on the contour map early in the year fish set up on ledges.

That’s, the game plan. I got the total 360. I was fished in like 60 feet of water and I’m in five six. My hope is that I can paddle until I find a drop off into what is left of a channel here and set up on that.

May challenge motivates deep. If I can’t find the channel, then I’ll just sit here and then enjoy my own company, which, despite what a lot of my friends, will tell you, I actually enjoy my company, they might disagree.

I actually had my first bite of the trip. They dropped, it holy cow. I actually have a fish skunk. I guess you might say about ten times smaller than looking for this sure beats the fish I got yesterday.

I don’t know. If I can count high enough oh yeah, zero see that was fun feel like. I need to do that again, just thinking about leaving the bobber Justin, I think he’s better. I like it when they swing the kayak around like that, though, a little bit better a little bit better, no don’t take that it was just cool to get a blue cat cuz.

We don ‘ T really have these in iOS up very, very River, not killing it to fish in about an hour and a half, but that’s like a little blue cats live you can like peel it off your hands. Do other creatures like that, need to move a little bit deeper spot and picked off in about five minutes?

I only have one real day of fishing. You’ve, got a mouthful of shad, get that hook out here. Look out! Let’s, go each other! Oh, that’s. Fun! Probably wouldn’t get a fish like that back and I was so. I’m chalking up today as a major success, and I like it.

This place peace out bait up. So what I’m doing for rigging is a little different and it just got a little different thought process. So I’m in shallow water and it’s, a mud bottom. I think lure like hard pan or something like that, and what I have here is a fixed three-way swivel 85 pound braid, 55 50 pound mono leader.

Then I have a float some beads in a hook. Well, what the idea is, because I’m, not drifting. This! This rig isn’t floating back behind me. It’s sitting on the bottom, but what this float does is it just pops it up off the bottom, so it’s, not sitting any mud or muck or anything like that, and the fish can still find it.

Even if it is down in that buck, but I think it makes it just a little more visible for them and gives them a little bit better chance of finding the bait doesn’t hurt. We got a real one. Kids! I just look over my lines: races, good, the interesting I’m shaking like a leaf.

This is a catfish, a cow. He was testing my athletic ability, 100 % man. This is the biggest catfish I’ve ever seen. I don’t know where a mile apart, catfish part cow. I am freakin stoked. I don’t know he ‘

S, got ta, be 40. 50 60. I set the hook. He’s. The flew out of the water – and I thought I was hooked up to a cow. Let’s, see 0:52 inches with a never been so slimy and never been so happy with a 30 34 inch, 34 inch girth 52 by 34.

I have a mess. I’m stoked. Alright cow see ya, slimy, stoked wow. That was awesome after that last one. This guy is almost a joke. I’m, not complaining. They’re super cool when they’re little and they come out of muddy water.

I’m, not expecting to top that last one. So I’m, not even so cool so different. Looking than the channel cats we have in Iowa dude, thanks bud, bobber took off it’s, pretty fun watching those things zip around towing a bobber.

In fact, it might be my favorite kind of fishing. It’s. Cool that whisker seeker came out with like a real cat fisherman’s, bobber like big bait, bobber, big fish, bobber waters muddy or they come out of deep water.

You see it! You’ll like colored, like that lots of times you’re, like Silver Ghost don’t like yesterday, it’s. All I got for today pretty much out of bait. Now I mean I got a few. The crazy thing is, it took six hours to catch enough bait to fish for six hours.

I’m, just extremely fortunate that I got the opportunity to land the fish that I caught. I think I was just pretty lucky it tell you what I’d rather be so the main objective of this trip, wasn’t really to go fishing.

The main objective was to come down, see some buddies. I haven’t seen since I was going down going to college down here, which was a huge success and pretty stoked I got to see all them and meet a few new people.

I had the whole deal, but if any of you know me – and some of you might even wish you didn’t know me, which I get my feelings. I got to go fish in, like especially when I’m down here. There’s, no big deal to throw a kayak in the back.

Your truck doesn’t really affect your gas mileage. I mean it’s, just it’s, a nice to have – and you just never know when you might get some time to go fishing, and I knew I would – and I’m down here and I got to go Fishing hope you enjoyed the video really appreciate you watching hope you catch Jeff.

Why is this so hard to find a Taco John’s? I just want some tater all A’s.

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