How To Make Your Own Teepee Tent With Ease

Teepee home made

Dow you want to build your own teepee? This is How To Make Your Own Teepee Tent With Ease.

Last summer I took the time to make this Tee Pee or Tipi as others say. I used 6ea. 9’x12′ painter’s tarps and 1 4’x9′ from Harbor Fright. I sewed them together with heavy thread on my “New Home” treadle sewing machine. It was not easy. But I did get it done. Then I had to find 16 20’+ poles. Yea lets see what you can find. Enjoy the video.

I know exactly what you’re thinking. I want one of them. I wanted to show you how to make that today, you you, you, you, you yeah. We got the cute kitten to face that’s. What we call him anyway, I’ve got the center pinned up, and this is going to help shed the load of the stick or the pole.

I should say that actually, you’ll load, the canvas on to the teepee frame you. I’m, showing you heart it together. It works all the way we’re out from corner to corner when top will be here in the center, so it lifts up and then these pieces come around hold over and then cherry sticks push through the open holes to hold the thing together.

How To Build Your Own Teepee

We’re, going to do the anatomy of TV. This is the top of the teeth is here from here to there here to there 17 foot 6 so from here to there 17 support 6 as well. That gives me approximately 54 feet on the outside edge.

That would be here. The ground have both left foot here, yet the door entry and then the bottom foot, where they tie together at the bottom as well. [ Applause, ] open you, so just a quick tour inside today I finally had a chance to use my tents, though, because a teepee is so tall.

I don’t need any extra pipe to get up and out the reason the army, blankets are on the wall. There is so it will bring the air from the outside up the wall, helping to carry the smoke out. The smoke flap, which happens to be open right now and we have a futon I found at a garage sale.

I made for a nice bed in here. It’s. Comfy enough, the wife even comes out.

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