Giant Peacock Bass Crushes Spinnerbait | Fishing Amazon River pt.7

Giant Peacock Bass Crushes Spinnerbait | Fishing Amazon River pt.7

Justin Rackley, known as Lakeforkguy in the fishing world, creates fishing and outdoor videos on youtube and other social platforms. LFG provides fishing tips and techniques for mostly largemouth bass fisheries but also travels to other freshwater and saltwater fishing spots to explore new fish species and fishing techniques to help you catch more fish. Lakeforkguy likes to hang out on any fishing vessel or go bank fishing with his other YouTube Fishing friends and vlog with his Wife Stephanie AKA Ocean Spoon Girl and french bulldog Winston.

Okay, outer to get Winston go back to the otter, [ Music ], all right fishing freaks. I think it’s. High time I tell you while I’m, why am i down here in the Amazon jungle? So many of you have seen old Winston Tucker here and many of my videos.

If you don’t know who he is, he’s, the boss, man at favorite, fishing USA. We’re buddies. The friends were fishing partners and he invited me on this trip and I got ta say it’s been pretty awesome. He thought it’d, be good therapy for me absolutely well.

Actually, I went through a situation myself with a from concussions and ended up in the hospital for 30-some hours. I see you woke up in the ER, got the same kind of a bad scare story that I was gonna, be dead and five to ten years or in a nursing home, and the good news is, I’m perfectly fine now, and that’s positive and my son went through a tumor in his leg that they thought right before mine yeah like right before they’re nuts yeah, that was bone cancer, and then it was this and then it was that and turns out.

We had the surgery, he had a little nerve issue, but he’s, fine, the so the synopsis of these stories are God’s. The only one that knows all we can do is what we can do and and just keep living our life and stay focused and right brother.

You know fishing is the best therapy in the world and to be out here to be unplugged for what we’ve been unplugged over a week ever since we first got down here, especially I’ve. I totally forgot. I even had a two burner, and I think that was the whole goal of him.

Invited me down here just to kind of relax, unplug and it’s been an awesome Tucker, so yeah man. Thank you, brother appreciate it’s. Awesome. We’re gonna whack, a few more and enjoy our last few days here on the Amazonian black water.

Until we get back to the service – and we can upload some videos to you – we could have massive them there that a bluegill whoa dude jock one da jockey, the pretty look at the colors and pretty awesome – definitely got some teeth to about.

Peacocks love beat that one right there taste a new species, see it first wound up daddy. Finally, hooked one on I don’t know this may not be a peacock. It is he’s. He’s, just been staying down. Hey I hooked him in the top of the lip too.

I don’t know how that happened. Good honestly, oh that’s. I had on that point, though. Those were juiciest. Oh cool huh, that was a freaking hammer. Oh my god, the hook, something it’s on the bottom, oh yeah yeah.

We can’t, throw that one cuz they come off. Oh, I ‘ Ve had four hit. It so far. Stop a little spinning rod, action baby, putting a white bird to work today. I think that’s, number 25 off the tree there, the yellow bar right there butterfly it might be wise enough on this tree.

Yeah yeah yeah butterfly, I got it, see you uh yeah. I do have multiples there’s, a chartreuse one that’s, pretty heavy. That should help with one ‘ S got a pretty good hook on it. Oh sugar booger.

There she blows watch this boy, don’t, get that jig in there. Oh got him first cast get in there G double up. He’s, gonna jump right here and he’s gonna spit it. He sees the boat, he’s. Coming up. No, we staying down there’s, another one behind it.

Yeah we made landfall. I want to see one, oh, that’s better rate, oh yeah, through the jig in there. Oh, we got it [ Laughter, ], it’s. Awesome yeah! It’s, crazy, how you throw like a hair jig out there, and those piranhas will just completely shear it like scissors.

Oh, that’s. Piranhas 100 % put on it, throw this no Tucker Tucker with a good peacock. Oh you’re, saying throw in there that thing’s, getting a workout dude! Oh Tucker’s back one out yesterday, hey baby doll heard it mama.

I feels pretty. You know, boss Signature Series coming to Walmart mr. balling Thanks, so somebody said they were spawning. Let’s. Go show you a little fish. Thank you for the fun it’s on oh, hey! You’re.

Pretty look at him pretty well neat tha! Well, I’ve caught more off the trees. Today, then, I have the whole time number 30 on the peacocks. They were just all up on these trees, fishing that jig in the trees baby speaking my language, just like back home Rayburn of Toledo.

As soon as you get one off G’s like throwing there ya, get you another one. Oh wait! Oh got, it came back and whacked it. I’m, not so sure there wasn’t two in that little school cuz. I foul hooking, maybe not yeah.

I hooked him in the side of the bay. We got this one rodeoed here. G Duggar getting worked. We’re closed. Oh keep it close for another one dang that’s, a good one good one on the IgG. Oh, Oh! No tried to boat flip boat flip, a six pound peacock on spinning gear.

Do that that fish had that broad, completely bent over all right? What’s? A Google Google weird there was some action right there gee stretch there was. I had a good bite too right before you caught that one got him on the hair gee.

Well, that’s, pretty sight, see that big old, pink jig and his grill. Let me see you gray fast. He says wrap it. Oh okay, gosh yeah fast is better, but I ‘ Ve missed 18 on this trick. So far was the jig.

Oh yeah, I got a D, so you see here fishing freaks. This jig is a little different because the hooks on the bottom – it’s a little different. So I’m missing a lot of fish because of that I think you got one on boss.

Boss is on them with the boss rod. We got a double baby, never lit up, Oh to fish with it, Oh see easy release and we cast again: oh this won’t eat it good here to go, hey jumping in 4k, hit the like button.

Phishing breeds got to love it. He had a good hole, getting the old white burger to try her crush cuz. This tree right here has produced at least 30 fish today, maybe more those are like same exact size same year class.

Oh, he’s. Going hey gal see the beautiful contrast in his 4k footage. You can see the mud line out there about where that tree is these little peacocks are using that to their advantage. We ‘ Ve got another one.

Not yet we got it, we got it. We have the peacocks, he’s, gonna jump up all right. You see that okay, one it jumped off and then the other one grabbed it and soon as it jumped look at that. Oh, my gosh for you Jimmy Houston, whoo, spinner, bait, spinner Bader, who tell me they won’t bite a spinnerbait, spinner bait.

It’s like 50 fish out of this hole. Well, we’ve had ourselves one spectacular morning here: fishing freaks, I don’t, know how many we caught cuantos, let’s. Gatos 50! We’re at 50 baby. I lost count, Jeeves keeping count.

We probably caught 35, maybe 40. I know for sure we had at least 50 bites on one single tree that a ditch underneath it, though, that hair jig Winston cotta really pretty the prettiest fish. I’ve, seen here so far on my spinner bait.

The spinner bait, and then this part about it, no chop chop. It was awesome, good job, gee, fish, Fisher, jump, okay, jig, okay, we’re back at you. Fishing freaks actions get not oh yeah. He big swear on that point.

That might have been a good one. There tuck, he got got got him. Yeah tuck, pull a little drag. Go on this one too. Let’s, see this jump baby, oh the big and big in yeah. Oh, he threw it. Oh, oh, my came off, go holy cow.

That was a big one. We both had big ones. Oh here, splitter, babies, Jack me and Tucker. Just had two whoppers laundry mean in the trees has destroyed a spinnerbait that would have been my biggest on the jig.

By far you got it, go, leave it on there good pool initially, not as big as that. Last one. Oh, we got you, you got him on the drop drop G. Yes like there might be a larger one behind it. Oh yeah, he ate it good got it on the fall that one’s about right for a sniff, hey got it hey, go got a good! The old back land, oh yeah, good! So pretty baby can’t get anybody smells just like a bass.

Sweet, a sugar baby lead a pumpkin pie. Jimmy will be proud, yeah give it the old tap tap. Tap tap, see you later, okay, my turn over women gripping baby down here in the Amazon. Just for you, fishing freaks make sure to smash that, like button fishing, the jig there we go rolling speeds adventures out here with old g-man, getting it done in the back.

Hello, oh no holy cow! That was a monster that one absolutely freak trained it. Oh my gosh Tucker frickin, a that was a giant big dolphin dolphin. No, no, that one that one wrecked it. That was a 20-pounder for sure. That was like three seconds of just rage: holy cow guys. That was a giant. Oh dang, oh got him again. It’s, not a big one, but the bigger ones are out deeper yeah that one that Winston just had on was about 14 times.

Bigger than this one right here, oh my gosh fight like a frickin yeah. Oh my gosh. We got some some dandies on this point right here, another one with a bloody tail. We’re spawning. Well, we just broke the chop-chop myth: yeah 65 pound braid popped it like it was 20 yep smoked it on the fall just a little one.

Last ago we got them stirred up on jigs and spinner baits got it another little deeper. That’s. A little ones mixed in with the garages here, another bonito, peacock, good Grande. That was now only let her sink down.

Good fish. He’s, got it shoot Liggins don’t jack around with it [ Applause ] that will haunt your dreams. I’m. Just loosen the drag a little bit. Oh, he’s got a joke. Oh, this is the one I just caught a minute ago got it well, he’s, got a hook: scar, yeah, baby mmm, yes, yeah, [, Music, ], [ Applause, ].

Well, our evening is coming to a close here and I can’t think of a better way to end it with some beautiful footage of some macaque, some dolphins and yes, I finally got my macaws baby flying high in the sky.

Oh hooked up. We got Richard swimming come on over here. Let me lay in this motion. Yeah, like I said this evening, has been incredible. Wildlife has been amazing, and now we’re gonna give it the you know what’s bad, but we’re gonna give the old sniff and give it a release.

I love you guys. I’ll, see you on the next video adios amigo.

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