What’s Better for Catching Bait? Berkley Gulp vs Real Worms!!!

What's Better for Catching Bait?  Berkley Gulp vs Real Worms!!!


So I needed bait and I decided I was going to do something a little different. I did a test Berkley Gulp versus the real deal nightcrawlers in a very scientific experiment to find out which one really is the best bait.

I’m Spencer. This is River certified, so here’s, the plan I get night crawlers get all Walmart Canadian night crawlers and some Berkley Gulp maggots, and I only have one fishing rod. So what I’m going to do is I’m gonna give each bait 5 minutes per spot, and I’m gonna hit two or three different spots and at the end of the day we’ll count them all up and see which one’s caught more fish.

Just to give you some perspective, we’ve had a lot of rain this week. Creeks are out in full. Creeks are running muddy, bunny bait, so I got a try anyway right. First, one 5 minutes this one’s with the Berkley Gulp she’s, live beautiful, gasps, nope time’s up time for the night, crawler, nothing on the gulp.

I watch a crawler under runners on your mark. Get set! Go go get up all right. We’re at a blistering. Staggering pace. Gulp and worms are tied zero to zero. It’s. Pretty intense defensive ball game. I guess you might say, try a different spot, all right, Berkley Gulp! You are on the clock: let’s, see what happens all right, no love for all the time it’s, looking like it might not matter at all.

Wait on the clock. I’m the night crawler, but I did get a bite. So I guess I’ll, give the night crawler the edge. Maybe a few extra minutes I won’t count it towards the official study. If I do catch one well, there’s a nibble, but I do need bait. Take it down little fella there. He is what the heck a bluegill a bluegill in this Creek, that’s, weird. Whatever I’ll. Take it all right, last spot official count, zero, zero guess you could call it a pitcher’s duel.

I can see them swimming around here, so hopefully uh something’s. Gon na get hit already using the goal. Yeah all right goal takes the lead yeah back after well, I don’t know how I missed him all right times up, Berkley Gulp, James official score still sits at one-nothing nightcrawler tab, well, house, quick, one one, not as big but one-to-one huh, instant 2, 2, 2 or 2 to 1 make it 3 2 1 Wow.

This is becoming a beatdown jeez. I came on Boss. Fish do not count! I back out there, though oh yeah, that’s, a good one boys him for one Adam that time on the side. Weird, my rule is once I put a hook ulam they don’t, go on the tank because of infection and stuff. So sorry, bud. Wasn’t on purpose. Got that one five one, I think into the bucket with your friends. You go now let’s, get it back out. There. Time is up it’s official, but that fish is off the clock. Unofficial number six wow talk about a beatdown.

Well that’s. It the official count, five to one with an unofficial bluegill, an unofficial, last-second, Creek chub. Once you once I found the fish it wasn’t even close, so I guess morale the story. Is it’s nice to have some Gophers back up, but it’s, tough, to beat the real thing really hope you enjoyed the video hope. You learned something that’s, going to help you catch some fish. Maybe big fish, maybe little fish, maybe lots of fish, but hopefully some fish. I really appreciate you watching hope you catch giant, creek chips.

So what’s for dinner?

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