Improve Your Animal Tracking Skills

Hone Your Tracking Skills

Improve Your Animal Tracking Skills – The Basics Of Wild Tracking

What’s going on guys today, we’re gonna be talking about tracking basics or tracking one-on-one, and you know a lot of about tracking. You can go, take courses and stuff like that, get training on it. However, you can also learn it yourself.

It can be a self-taught skill, as you just need dirt time. Even if you go to a school, you go to three or four schools. You come out and you’re. Not you know practicing. You probably won’t, you know get it.

Hone Your Tracking Skills

It really just takes third time. If you go out there, I know a lot of self trained trackers that are very good, so you know get books and stuff like that. But basically, when tracking you have to understand, every action has a reaction.

You know if, if like you know, break a branch that branches can be permanently broken, it’s, not long. You know repair itself, and so that’s. What you know you want to look for every time you you know, make a step.

You’re, going to destroy a universe, not on sand or anything like that. It could be on grass. You could matte it down stuff like that. You’re, going to make a reaction to the surface, so it’s like even like in like counter tracking and stuff like that’s very difficult to counter track, because, even though you are trying to cover up your Tracks you’re still going to leave some kind of sign there.

It’s just going to pin on how good the tracker is trying to track you, but you know there’s. You want to look for a sign and there’s, two types top side and bottom side top sign is anything above the ankle.

You know, if you, you know twist leaves or break branches along the way that’s top sign anything above the ankle. Okay, anything below the ankle is bottom sign. You know footprints, you know smudges on rocks and stuff like that.

What to look for you’re, going to look for a you know. One is a footprints okay, footprints, a fresh footprint, whether it be a human or animal. Paw printer, you know human footprint. If it’s fresh – and you know solid, it’s, going to be a fresh print, meaning that the animal is near now you know – and it has well-defined edges and stuff like that.

Now, cracked edges and not a clean footprint will mean it’s aged or you know you could have rain or wind in a real windy air. It could also disturb that footprint, but that’s. What you’re. Looking for for footprints, okay, so over here time of the footprints and paw prints, I found some deer tracks right here now I’m, going to show you.

These are old, and I’m gonna tell you a few reasons why I know that one, how you know is you see the vegetation inside here now the fruit, the paw print, looks good. This is a deer track. If you didn’t know, but it looks good because this is a mud or muddy uh right here we’re out here at the water, so it’s, going to hold tracks much better than in sand, but also, If you look back right here, this is another track.

Now you probably wouldn’t miss it. If you didn’t know what you’re looking for, but if you pull all this stuff out right here, that’s, a paw print right there also and all that stuff. All that litter has filled it up from you know fallen.

So these are old prints but, like I said sometimes the you know, mud will hold prints much better than sand will so that shouldn’t always be. You know the indication. You should also look for debris and stuff like that, if it’s filling inside the track, like those are right there.

Scat or Fecal Droppings

So the next thing you’re, looking for scat or fecal droppings, and what to look for when you’re looking for scat pickle droppings is heat. You know you can get close to it or even touch it. You know if you’re, really serious about tracking something or strong.

Tracking By Odor and Smell

Odor, usually are indicators that the animal or human is close by, and you know old scat will give you indication that this may be a game trail stuff like that ordinary water source and will help you track also, but but to find you know, animal that’s, close buys it for that fresh scat with heat or strong odor.

Vegetation – Flattened Grass and Broken Twigs

Improve Your Animal Tracking SkillsThe third thing is vegetation. You’re, going to be looking for, flattened grass broken twigs, and we’ve covered this and shown out of this and skull escape-and-evasion videos or how, to you know, counteract this so check those out trampled grass, usually or even even taller.

Grass usually will return and rise to its natural form after a few hours. If it’s still flat, that means the animal human is nearby. You also want to look at broken branches above the waist is usually human indication or you know, a large animal, something like a moose elk or something like that.

Bear, and things like that. So vegetation is usually a good thing to look for. If you don’t have good places to well, you know good dirt and Earth that leaves good footprints or tracks or paw prints.

You can look, for you, know the vegetation, the grass, the twigs, the pine straw and how it may be matted, or mood and stuff like that or rocks how you know it may be. You may leave prints, they may leave prints on rocks or scrape off moss off of a rock just basically a disturbance of the vegetation.

Looking For Fur or Hair

Okay, number four to look for is fur or hair, and when, when you see you see it, you can see it in a low-lying brush as having an evidence. The animal has passed through there and fur. Usually you know if animals like you know, you know fighting with another animal trying to get through somewhere quickly.

First, a chav me they have an overabundance of it. Unlike us humans, they have a lot of hair, so they will leave some of that behind you’ll, see patches of it stuff like that or if animals been killed another animal by predator animal.

You know you may see some fern signs of that or you know the carcass itself, so you know looking for you know, also animal carcasses if you’re trying to hunt for predator animals is also another good indication seeing if it’s fresh, a fresh kill, you know body’s, still warm and stuff like that.

So and you definitely be careful around. If you’re around predator animals and you’re around, you see a fresh kill because usually they’re, not too far away and they will protect their fresh kill. So there’s, just a few tracking basics.

We will go in depth in the future. You know showing how to actually track and stuff like that as much as we can also, I encourage you to buy as many books as you can get any training that you can and just practice.

Even if you can’t afford books or or you know them training go out there and just look you’ll. You will pick up more once you get into nature, then you, you know you’ve, been missing. Your whole life so of this helps which you getting started in tracking check out black Scouts bob.

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