Wild Edibles-Paw Paw

Wild Edibles-Paw Paw

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What’s, going on guys black Scouts survival, and today I got a number wild edible for you, and this is the pawpaw and the pulp Hall is one of the largest native fruits in the United States. You know a lot of you know.

Apples, oranges, all that kind of stuff a lot of them were brought over. This is one of the largest actually, a lot of Native Americans lived off these. This is a found in the Eastern woodlands lot in the southeast, and it also was a favorite meal for our favorite treat for George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

They actually really loved chill pawpaw. Now they really enjoy a good rich soil found them a lot of times. On stream, in the stream beds, they are a understory plant, meaning that they’re under you know the canopy of you know the larger trees they’re kind of small and the weight of the fruit.

Like you see this cluster here will bring those branches down now. Sometimes you’ll, find single ones like this on trees. I found this singly and then sometimes you’ll, find huge clusters like this. Now their leaves they have huge leaves, and that’s because they are understory tree.

So all the other, you know larger trees are getting the you know, majority of sunlight, so they have to have. These large leaves to capture that sunlight as an understory plant, but you see it’s. A huge teardrop shape. Leave this what it look like now, these are kind of you know they’re, not really right. Quite yet, I’m. The best time to find them is into August. You know September fall time in the summer fall time and you do really have to fight form because animals love them deer, squirrels.

All that kind of stuff I mean they’ll eat them up. I actually found a ton of them this. You know this cluster and a few of them that were not disturbed, but I told to tell you how to check a bunch of trees to find these. It was probably one out of ten, so you can tell they’re, still kind of green. Once they start getting dorothea new brews easy, you see some bruising on here once they start getting. You know like a darkish, brownish, yellow color, that’s when they’re really good, because but uh anyhow, we’ll.

Take a closer look up, cut them in half and show you guys so Paul Paul’s. They can be eaten raw or cooked, and basically you want to get them green like this, and let them sit out for a few days and before you really start eating them, but it kind of has a custard inside has his huge seeds. There yeah kind of custardy texture really good. It tastes like a cross between like a banana, and you know some kind of some kind of tropical fruit. So, but you see these seeds in here and actually uh it’s kind of funny and Ohio Records.

You know show or you know, history shows that a lot of hi Owens carry these in their pocket. These seeds, in the pocket, for like a token of it, love so that’s. What it looks like guys, Paul Paul’s like I said you need them raw or cooked.

They’re delicious. You know I get them whenever I find them and, and I’ll – throw them in the kitchen and eat them whenever you know they turn ripe and enjoy them. You know it’s free food. So you like to say you’re, a survival situation, another matter man, I’d, eat it green uh-huh.

Whatever you know so I you got ta do whatever you got to do so, but anyhow guys hope you enjoyed it. Please make sure you know is with any wild edible make sure you consult a local expert and please subscribe to our channel.

We put out a few new videos every week and as always, thanks for watching you

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